Glee Club: Think You Have What It Takes?

Dr. Trimis leads a gleeful rehearsal

Glee Club is a new and recent addition to the lengthy list of extra curricular activities offered here at Verdugo. It was formed by our new principal, Dr. Trimis, who “wanted to add vocal music back at Verdugo.” They meet every Thursday in the auditorium, with nothing but a piano and plenty of possibilities for songs to sing. Students are provided with sheet music in order to stay in tune and familiarize themselves with the lyrics. Dr. Trimis, who’s been skilled with the piano since he was six, first plays the vocal keys for students who are unfamiliar with the selection, then the entire score while the whole club sings together, save for a few solos every now and then.

The success of the hit television show, Glee, has probably contributed to the popularity of the club, which had over 30 students show up to their first meeting in the beginning of November. Dr. Trimis admits to being slightly influenced by the show when he created Glee Club, saying the show was, “very much like teaching jazz choir, with a bunch of diverse, talented kids.” In addition to the teaching styles of the choir teacher, he said the drama between students that occurs in the show was also present in the choir room. But the real life and television parallels end there. Students who are expecting to walk into an auditorium filled with a professional band and perform choreographed numbers on the spot will be disappointed. The show often creates farfetched expectations for a supposed low budget club with their luxurious performances and numerous flashy costumes, but in reality, Dr. Trimis solely funds the club, what with the budget cuts made towards music programs in the recent years. Though the only current expenses are copies among copies of song lyrics, as the club progresses it will require things like bussing and equipment.

Despite their low budget, Glee Club has a bright and busy road ahead. After only three meetings, they’re already preparing for performances ranging from local elementary schools to classy dining halls. The month of December brings with it opportunities to sing traditional Christmas carols all over Tujunga. Glee plans to sing at the Tree Lighting at Bolton Hall, the Verdugo annual Winter Concert, a staff breakfast, and go caroling anywhere they can reach by foot. Dr. Trimis has big plans for the future of Glee Club, with hopes for many concerts and numbers choreographed by our own ROP teacher Ms. Brittain. Even though Glee hasn’t been around for long, it seems like they’re going to be a noticeable attraction for this school year.


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